Team Application Forms

TVRC Team application Winter Novice 2017
TVRC Dressage Team application Intermediate Winter 2017
TVRC Showjumping Team application Winter 2017

Washbrook Farm, Aston-le-Walls, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 6RT. BRC are delighted to announce that in 2019 we will have an Arena Eventing Championship added to the calendar! Classes will run across two days as follows: Saturday - 70cm (mixed), 80cm (Junior), 90cm (Junior) Sunday - 80cm (Senior), 90cm (Senior), 100cm (mixed) This championship will consist of a course of show jumps immediately followed by cross country fences, and will finish with the last fence as a show jump, the joker fence, which will be set at a discretionary 10cm higher than the rest of the course. There will be a maximum of 20 jumping efforts, 9 show jumping, 10 XC fences and the joker SJ fence. Qualifiers will get underway in October 2018, including both team and individual classes at each height. Further information on heights, course requirements and horse and rider eligibility can be found in the BRC Handbook.

Changes to Team Funding Winter 2016

Team Criteria

Due to the lack of helpers credits being attached to the Team Application forms, the Committee has decided that if, a person wishing to be part of a Team has not helped at one of our events & been given a Team Credit (previous to application) they will, be asked to pay any prelim entry for their place. We hope you can understand that Prelim Entries are one of the biggest costs to the Club & is normally off set by monies coming from the shows we run. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, with out help we can not continue to sustain the number of shows we run each year & in turn this limits the available funds the Club has at it's disposal. 


Just a gentle reminder if you wish to compete at one or more of these events please check the criteria on the website and make sure you have done everything needed to represent the club. (Helping at a show is one of them).

Team Information

BRC Hat standard requirements 2018 BRC Hat Tagging Guide

Body protectors 2018 BRC BP STANDARDS

Team competitions are held in a variety of disciplines; Hunter Trials, Horse Trials, Show-jumping, Dressage and Dressage to Music.

To compete in Area competitions, your horse MUST have a valid Flu certificate.  See link for more information...
Equine Influenza requirements


Anyone wishing to be on a team will need to have helped at a TVRC show for at least half a day and earned a team ticket. This team ticket will have to be sent with  the application form when applying to be on a team. If you wish to be on a team and you have not earned a team ticket, you may still apply to be on a team but you will have to pay the prelim entry fee. For members that have helped and earned a team ticket, the prelim entry fee will be paid for out of club funds.

If you would like to be considered for any teams, then you need to get in touch with the relevant committee member (see Newsletter).


For all members wishing to compete for the Club please read the following documents

Junior Team (P2, P14, P18 and N34) Unlimited prelim points. No Novice points

Senior Team P18 Unlimited prelim points. No Novice points. BD group 7/8 only
Novice Team (N24, N27, N34 and E53) Unlimited novice points. Up to 35 elementary points. No medium points
Elementary E53 Unlimited elementary points. Up to 35 medium points. no advanced medium points
Medium M76 Unlimited medium points. Up to 35 advanced medium points. No PSG or above points.
Advanced Medium AM98 Unlimited advanced medium points. Up to 35 PSG points. No points inter 1 or above

Junior/Senior Prelim Rider Test (BRC PRT 2014) Unlimited prelim points. Up to 35 novice points. No elementary points. BD group 7/8. No BHSAI or BHSII
Junior/Senior Novice Rider Test (BRC NRT 2016) Unlimited novice points. Up to 35 elementary points. No medium points.
Junior/Senior Pairs BRC5 Unlimited novice points. Up to 35 elementary points. No medium points.

Senior & Junior 70cm. No BE foundation points. No BS points gained at 90cm or above. Horses may not have competed BRC 80cm in the same calendar year

Senior & Junior 80cm. Max 1 BE point. No BS points. Horses may not have competed BRC 90cm in the same calendar year. May not have been placed1st-6th BE100 in current/previous year.
Senior & Junior 90cm. Max 20 BE points. Max 500 BS points
Senior & Junior 100cm. Max 60 BE points. Max 999 BS points
Senior & Junior 110cm. No Limits
Junior & Senior Style Jumping 75cm. No BE points. No BS points. Rider may not be BHSII or BHSI
Junior & Senior Style Jumping 85cm. Max 10 points. Max 225 BS points